Sunday, 14 February 2016

We received this comment from Shie-Yuan Wang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

I did attend the IEEE Bogus Conference on Sensor Networks 2009 in New Zeland!

The tracks that I attended were of shameless quality.

The conference was also of a garbage eventI did attend more than 10 sessions and not all, but several papers, were absolutely the worst junk that I have seen in my life

Shie-Yuan Wang,
National Chiao Tung University,


  1. The problem with IEEE is that they give their name and logo to hundred of organisers every year some of them are very bad and organize conferences just for making money.

    I am IEEE fellow and I know. The IEEE after 1980 is a commercial company itself

    I am not surprized about the letter of acceptance that you have from IEEE or from IEEE affiliated conference organizers (like IARIA, etc...)
    So the letter in your blog

    is not a surprise, it is quite frequent case in IEEE!

  2. I was member of IEEE Signal Processing when I see you blog I withdrawn. Today I received this email calling me back. I am not a dupe!

    ******** See this Spam: (yes I was IEEE Signal Processing Society but I told them several times stop disturbing me *******************

    Dear Former Signal Processing Society Member,

    The IEEE Signal Processing Society would like to invite you to come back as a Society member. The Society recently instituted major enhancements to the benefits of being a Society member. As you may know, the Society's goal is to provide outstanding publications, products, and services that will help its members and the technical community at large keep abreast of innovations in the many disciplines of signal processing.

    To that end, starting on 1 January 2010, we are very excited to announce that Society members will receive, as a member benefit, FREE electronic access to ALL eight Society solely owned publications! In an effort to support the new electronic publication benefit, the Society has created the Content Gazette. The Content Gazette is a free print publication catalog that will be mailed monthly to every member, so they can browse the table of contents for all the Society journals and check off what they are interested in reading, then go directly to those papers in IEEE Xplore. For those interested in print, it is still available, but at an additional cost. Starting September 2009, the Society also provided members with free digital delivery of the Society's flagship publication, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, through Qmags, allowing for faster delivery, particularly to international members who currently wait several weeks for the hard copy to arrive at their location.

    Over the past few years, the Society has created two new journals and co-sponsored several journals with other IEEE Societies. The current list of available publications can be found at

    The Society holds numerous conferences and workshops throughout the year. Please check the Society's e-calendar for a complete list of conferences ( . As a Society member, you will receive an additional discount above the IEEE Member discount on the Society's two major conferences, ICASSP and ICIP.

    Additional information on Society benefits can be found on the web at If you are interested in joining the 14,000 professionals who are already Signal Processing Society members, please visit and add it to your profile.

    Best Regards,
    Michael D. Zoltowski
    Vice President-Awards and Membership

  3. In China, R.O.C., after the chinise ministry of Education visited this web page told us that they recognize only the conferences that are in ISI.
    Unfortunately, most of the IEEE conferences are not indexed in the ISI. So, chinese people must attend conferences that produce Proceedings (Hard Copies, not CDs) that are in ISI. The majority of IEEE consponsored Conferences are not in ISI and the IEEEXplore publications are not considered for ISI.

  4. Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology,16 December 2009 at 07:44

    Tell to IEEE please to stop to grant its name to so many dubious conference organisers like IARIA, HIGHSCI, Nagib Callaos. Especially the IEEE CS Press is a slimy business of IEEE just for making money. So, the IEEE , if he wants to protect his name must stop the sinful and unethical IEEE CS Press first! I strongly believe it!


  6. While browsing the net, I found two more fake journals in Computer Science:

    (1) Computer Science Journals

    (2) International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI) (

    Petre Dini

  7. While browsing the net, I found two more fake journals in Computer Science:

    (1) Computer Science Journals

    (2) International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI) (

    Petre Dini

  8. I submitted 5 papers in an IEEE Conference in Hawaii. All of them were accepted without any kind of review.
    Do you think that this was a reall conference or a garbage IEEE event?

  9. YES many IEEE conferences are absolutely garbage, because the IEEE grant its name for a handful of dollars to unconscious organizers.
    The internet is full of denunciations against the stupid conferences that gather many dupes just because their chairmen reserved the name and the logo of IEEE.
    So, conferences of IEEE are a total garbage just search over google


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