Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pay and remove your name from Jeffrey Beall's list.

We were right.
Pay and remove your name from Jeffrey Beall's list. Commercial Companies pay Jeffrey Beall. They are their gold sponsors and transfer the money to Caribbean Accounts (St.Vicent and Belize).
Clearly and with documents Hindawi, Taylor and Francis, Americal Instititue of Physics (AIP) are the Sponsors of Jeffrey Beall. Read this very serious post. Many people speak about it:
Tariff goes with the profit of your company. Beall will tell you. He already asked money from IARIA, SCIRP, HINDAWI, TAYLOR and FRANICS, AIP and several others. There are several places (blogs) and several voices on the web.

IASTED and Jeffrey Beall
We sent an email to Jeffrey Beall and I asked him why he does not have IASTED in his black list. IASTED Conferences have published a lot of fake SCIgen papers (by the way 85 SCIgen Fake (Bogus) papers exist now in IEEE Xplore Read it: ). We sent  Letters of acceptance (from IASTED) for SCIgen Papers to Jeffrey Beall.
He never replied. He never explained why IASTED isn;t in his black list. On the other hand Jeffrey Beall in an early post was bragging that he was Keynote Speaker in an IASTED Conference! Keynote Speaker without Master and without Ph.D. (profession: Librarian) in a Computer Science conference is very strange. Draw your own conclusion.

IEEE and Jeffrey Beall
Taking into account that IEEE Conferences has published fake SCIgen Papers, it would be reasonable IEEE to be in the black list of Jeffrey Beall. Right? See

Two Fake Papers in IEEE EBISS and
and many others (Google: IEEE Fake Conferences or IEEE Bogus Conferences or IEEE SCIgen)
Then why IEEE is not in Beall's list?

If you know more send an email to

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