Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fake IEEE Conferences

We found by Google 2 more collections of IEEE Fake, Predatory, Bogus Conferences:



Draw your own conclusions.

b)  Another excellent report:  Do the IEEE Fellows organize Fake Conferences? Fake Conference is inviting scholars to send the rejected papers from the other conferences.
If an IEEE Fellow organizes Fake and Bogus conferences, IEEE must retract the IEEE Fellowship from him,
otherwise IEEE is Fake and Bogus itself. (We know that is.)


  1. I am graduating with BS in computer science from the top institute in Pakistan and I am the class topper. I already sent my resume to MIT, Cornell and Yale for Masters/Ph.D. My first preference is MIT. I have published a paper in WORLDCOMP but the news at https://sites.google.com/site/moneycomp1/ and similar blogs are making me sleepless. I was not aware that WORLDCOMP is bogus when I submitted my paper (I made a wrong decision after seeing its website and list of sponsors!). Rest of my papers are in highly reputed journals/conferences. How this WORLDCOMP publication will affect my career? I asked WORLDCOMP chair Professor Hamid Arabnia on what is going on but he never responded .

  2. Another rich and commercial professor with luxurious house, luxurious life etc is CARLOS BREBBIA.
    You can find several Fake Conferences of Carlos Brebbia on the web.
    Just google: Fake Conferences Carlos Brebbia



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