Thursday, 3 January 2013

A new bogus IEEE conference

Our blog received a comment from some Prof Lee
The comment of Prof. Lee is as follows

This conference of IEEE is bogus:
I sent them a stupid article (about football games of my children that can be organized ... in Data Bases) and they sent me a letter of acceptance after 15 days. I assume that they have accepted everything. Why doesn't IEEE check its collaborators? How IEEE can be sponsor in this fake conference? Please, forward this information for the junk IEEE conference to your mailing lists


  1. Hi, Unknowingly I sent my work to IARIA and it is accepted (as expected after reading this blog). Now I came to know that it is a fake conference. And there is no option to withdraw my work. I am confused about what to do now.. Plese guide me..

  2. Ask from Petr Dini to give you the copyright of the work back


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