Wednesday, 30 October 2013

List of Prof. Michel GEVERS with the names of 5585 Academicians after an on-line petition against IEEE and against IEEE racism. Michel GEVERS removed his list when IEEE elevated him to IEEE Fellow grade. ΙΕΕΕ bribed and corrupted Prof. Michel Gevers in this way.

IEEE Bribery and IEEE Racism.

We hope you know the List of Prof. Michel GEVERS with the names of 5585 Academicians after an on-line petition against IEEE and against IEEE racism.
Michel GEVERS removed his list when IEEE elevated him to IEEE Fellow grade.
ΙΕΕΕ bribed and corrupted Prof. Michel Gevers in this way. Read more:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

For 2 months now, Prof. Vincenzo Piuri has been pestering us with his spam emails to be voted President of IEEE.

He also didn’t respond to the question why he didn’t include Elsevier in his black list, who were revealed to have been publishing 6 Medical Journals between 2000 and 2005 with fake articles and studies, that were funded by pharmaceutical companies, in order to scientifically prove that their products were superior to their competitors’. See 

In a third email I asked him where his moral and academic responsibility stands, since if due to him including some publishing houses in black lists, those houses reduce or cease their activity (due to his immoral slandering), hundreds of jobs will be lost and families will end up in the street. Naturally, despite my repeated emails, Jeffrey Beall never replied. 

There are also rumors on the internet that some publishing houses, like Hindawi and Elsevier, pay Jeffrey Beall on a yearly basis in order not to be included in his black list. This looks like heavy taxing that the publisher is asked to pay annually to Jeffrey Beall, and, as we’ll see below, part of this tax ends up in the Denver University funds. 

Actually, Hindawi was in Jeffrey Beall’s black list a year ago. Then, after negotiations, Jeffrey Beall placed them in a watching list (i.e. an “under observation” list), and eventually completely removed them. 

Just like Jeffrey Beall himself mentioned in his blog, Hindawi’s people visited him in Denver and offered him “explanations”. After that, Jeffrey Beall gradually removed Hindawi from his black list. 
Why, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, did you agree to meet with Hindawi’s representatives in your office in Denver, when Hindawi was black listed? What did you talk about, Mr. Jeffrey Beall? Hindawi, as mentioned on their website, has an annual turnover of $6 million. 

Couldn’t they use part of that money to pay off Jeffrey Beall? 

Furthermore, in his blog, Jeffrey Beall has posted a photo of Hindawi’s headquarters, which he calls “House of Spam”. So, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, why isn’t Hindawi in your black list, when among your fundamental black listing reasons, like you mention in your blog, is spam? 

Having read all that, you can draw your own conclusions on who Jeffrey Beall is and what his real motives behind his publishing house and scientific organization black listing blog are. Houses and Organizations that Jeffrey Beall calls “Predatory Publishers”. 

Maybe it’s time to talk about Predatory Librarians, Mr. Jeffrey Beall. About librarians who target Open Access Journals, especially because the open, online PDF policy deprives librarians (like Jeffrey Beall) from the possibility of receiving kickbacks from publishing houses. 

To those who are not aware, it is known that several publishing houses paid- and pay-off librarians (like Jeffrey Beall), in order to get their libraries to subscribe to those houses. 

Meaning that, in order for a certain University, Research Center, Company to buy some books or subscribe to some journals, it is common knowledge that librarians receive money under the table from the respective publishing houses. It is therefore natural and understandable for this kind of librarians (Jeffrey Beall, for instance) to fight Open Access Journals and Open Access Publishing Houses, since they 
a) lose their kickbacks, 
b) lose their power and influence in the library, as well as the University. 

I’ve saved all my email exchange with Jeffrey Beall, along with their headers/source code, and I will soon upload them to various websites. I need everyone’s help though, by sending me emails (to the email address found at the bottom) and exchanging information on Jeffrey Beall’s scandalous behavior. 

And one last question to Jeffrey Beall: How can a librarian WITHOUT a Ph.D. be an Assistant Professor at the University of Denver, Mr. Jeffrey Beall? 

Could it be that Jeffrey Beall bribed older professors, using the abundance of money that he is said to possess? 

Could it be that Jeffrey Beall threatened that if they don’t vote for him, he’ll include all journals where they have papers published in his black list, and slander them on the internet? 

Or is it that they were so much impressed by his research? Actually, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, what is your scientific research? Your scientific research as a “real scientist” that is, Mr. Jeffrey Beall. What publications do you have, besides slandering, insulting and discredit hundreds of scientific organizations and publishing houses? What do you teach at the University of Denver Mr. Jeffrey Beall? 

Is there really any course (real scientific course) that you can teach, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, besides calling publishing houses and scientific organizations “predatory”? 

 It doesn’t look like it, Mr. Jeffrey Beall. No matter how hard we looked, we didn’t find any courses taught by you at the University of Denver. 

Neither on your personal webpage, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, nor on your money-making blog, nor even on the University of Denver website is there any mention about courses taught by you. 

So, since you do absolutely no scientific research, and you don’t even teach pre-graduate or post-graduate students, what is your role at the University of Denver, Mr. Jeffrey Beall? 

Does the University of Denver pay you a salary, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, or do you pay the University to let you bear the title of Assistant Professor? 

A title that you really do not deserve, as you have no Ph.D., no actual research work and do no teaching whatsoever. It is a shame for the University of Denver to have professors like you, Jeffrey Beall. 

Or is running a blog that slanders everyone and everything considered scientific research? 

It most certainly is not, Mr. Jeffrey Beall. 

Could it be, however, an applied money-making project for you and your university, Mr. Jeffrey Beall? 

 (By the way, why should a small publishing house from some place in India, which cannot attract papers, nor editorial board members, from western universities, be in your black list Mr. Jeffrey Beall? In this case, you should also black list all non-US and non-European universities. Of course there exist first-rate universities, like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Cambridge. Should all other universities be in a black list? Is this your logic “Professor” Beall? Furthermore, you condemn any new publishing house, as it is natural for them to not have papers and not be indexed as soon as they launch, but has to deal with you, who, like a vulture, immediately includes them in your black list for those reasons.) 

I would greatly appreciate your response, Mr. Jeffrey Beal. And I would also appreciate feedback from anyone who agrees with me. 

My aim is to create a network of true scientists and expose “Professor”, “Academic Teacher” and, above all, “Researcher” Jeffrey Beall (this science jack-of-all-trades, who doesn’t know a first-degree algebraic equation, derivatives, integrals, elementary Physics and Chemistry laws, etc) 
Thank you 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fake IEEE Conferences

We found by Google 2 more collections of IEEE Fake, Predatory, Bogus Conferences:

Draw your own conclusions.

b)  Another excellent report:  Do the IEEE Fellows organize Fake Conferences? Fake Conference is inviting scholars to send the rejected papers from the other conferences.
If an IEEE Fellow organizes Fake and Bogus conferences, IEEE must retract the IEEE Fellowship from him,
otherwise IEEE is Fake and Bogus itself. (We know that is.)

Friday, 11 January 2013


MECHANICAL ENGINEERING with millions of Spam Email

They have accepted Abstracts of 5 SCIgen (automatically generated) Papers. Protect hapless victims from this Scam. They are academic criminals. If you have sent papers to ASME, make lawsuit against them for this ridiculous conduct. Fake conferences, Bogus conferences with junk papers is a poison in our academic community. Avoid any relation with ASME bogus conferences.
Their logo propagandize: ASME Setting the Standard (sic). It would be better to say: ASME etting the standard for the absolute garbage, crappy, mock conferences.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Submit Yours Today!

Contribute Your Research and Help Shape the Future of Engineering!
The ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in San Diego, California, November 15-21, 2013 is a prime opportunity to showcase your research at one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive mechanical engineering conferences.

Network with engineering experts, stay on top of the latest advances, and identify potential technological alliances and partnering opportunities with international scientists and engineers from the worldwide R&D community.

Two of our tracks are new this year: Advanced Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies.

Submit your abstract as part of an extensive technical program that includes:

  • Advances in Aerospace Technology (or Advances in Bogus Conferences of ASME)
  • Advanced Manufacturing - NEW! (or Advanced Manufacturing of SCIgen Papers)
  • Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering (Bogus Conferences Engineering of ASME)
  • Dynamics, Vibration and Control (Control of Bogus Conferences of ASME)
  • Education and Globalization (Education within Junk Conferences of ASME)
  • Emerging Technologies - NEW!
    (Emerging technologies for crappy Conferences of ASME)
  • Energy (Energy on Mock, Bogus Conferences of ASME, etc...)
  • Fluid Engineering and Technologies
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids
  • Micro and Nano Systems Engineering and Packaging
  • Safety, Reliability and Risk
  • Systems and Design
  • Transportation Systems
  • Vibration, Acoustics and Wave Propagation
  • Virtual Podium (Posters)
  • International Undergraduate Research Design and Expo (Posters Only)

SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT (i.e. submit automatically generated texts from SCIgen papers) NOW by visiting:

Monday, 7 January 2013

IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation conference is mock and bogus,

From the Blog

IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation conference is mock and bogus, because
a) In their web page they invite you as follows. 

Minoa Palace Resort & Spa
Platanias-Chania, Crete - GREECE
MED'13 will be held at the Minoa Palace Resort and Spa (, a luxury five star beachside resort. The resort is situated in the cosmopolitan area of Platanias, 12km west of the picturesque town of Chania and about 30 min drive from the Chania International Airport. The resort offers majestic views of its surrounding countryside and the White Mountains. To the north, the resort enjoys panoramic views of the endless golden beach of Platanias with the shimmering sapphire blue Aegean beyond. Guests have immediate access to the sandy beach in front of the resort. For information about Chania, visit: and for Greece, visit:
A video of the hotel and resort accommodations is available here.
To run a conference in a Resort & Spa does not necessarily means that the conference is Bogus, but this feature in combination with b), c), d) and e) - see below-- implies that the conference is bogus and mock.

b) The "Society" that organizes this event is the so called MEDITERRANEAN CONTROL ASSOCIATION. It is very strange that this "Association" is only one Person (actually the owner) Prof. Panos Antsaklis with academic address: University of Notre Dame, USA. So, what kind of "Mediterranean" Association is this association having the headquarters in a room in USA and what kind of Association is this having Prof. Antsaklis (always the same person) as President (in fact he is the Owner) in the recent 21 years?
***We tried (Google) to find other members of this kind of "Association" but we did not find anyone else. Only Antsaklis!

c) It is also very strange that a conference in Greece collects the registration fees in USA. Note that in their web page the Registration Chairman is some Hai Lin, Assistant Professor in the University of Notre Dame just under Panos Agathoklis. How can a conference in Greece of  "Mediterranean" area collect the registration fees in USA?

d) It is also very strange that in the web page of the conference there is no mention for Registration and Registration Fees. So, they do not clear their financial requirements from the beginning, but you will learn about the registration cost at the end when a possible retraction of your paper will be impossible.

e) After sending email to 5 members of the International Program Committee, we got the same answer: The IPC members are not aware about ... the conference.

Conclusion: Evaluating a), b), c), d), e) we draw the conclusion that this is a bogus IEEE conference with a fake organization harming the name and the reputation of IEEE.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A new bogus IEEE conference

Our blog received a comment from some Prof Lee
The comment of Prof. Lee is as follows

This conference of IEEE is bogus:
I sent them a stupid article (about football games of my children that can be organized ... in Data Bases) and they sent me a letter of acceptance after 15 days. I assume that they have accepted everything. Why doesn't IEEE check its collaborators? How IEEE can be sponsor in this fake conference? Please, forward this information for the junk IEEE conference to your mailing lists

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