Monday, 2 April 2012

We reveal a new Fake IASTED / IEEE Conference with the official sponsorship of IEEE EMB.

From the web page:

IASTED Conferences are rated as Junk Conferences by several University URL's
Additional we read in Wikipedia that IASTED is a dubious conference papers' forum

So, wikipedia says for IASTED

"Because IASTED does not have a formal review process, there have been some protests from the academic community about the legitimacy of IASTED articles"

No surprise that the fake IEEE conferences are now in combination with the fake IASTED

In several web pages, mailing lists, on line discussion, you can find the allegations
that IEEE and IASTED produces many junk (bogus) conferences and this is an extra strong proof.


  1. IASTED conferences with 0 review are really bogus

  2. Why do you report "We reveal a new Fake IASTED / IEEE Conference with the official sponsorship of IEEE EMB"?
    All the IASTED conferences are fake because they have published many SCIgen papers. All the IASTED events are bogus of course, because many articles contain plagiarism. Avoid any relation with IASTED and their junk congresses.

  3. Yes, IASTED conferences are bogus. I published 3 papers in IASTED in 1994-1995. All without review and many grammatical errors. The situation is the same in IEEE conferences.

    1. I worked in the plagiarism mines at IASTED for several years. The "review" system is non existent. When caught copy editing the occasional paper, I was personally castigated by Dr Dr Hamza himself for "wasting time and my money."

  4. I m suprised then how they are continuly arranging conferences. I saw now they are ready for:
    The 12th IASTED International Conference on

    Artificial Intelligence and Applications

    ~AIA 2013~
    February 11 – 13, 2013
    Innsbruck, Austria

    Any one have ides about this?

  5. This IASTED conference is fake. All the IEEE and IASTED conferences are Bogus conferences

  6. I had been in an IASTED conference. It was a fiasco. Only 10 papers were presented out of 18 papers.
    So, this conference had only 18 papers and actually only 10 papers were presented. I asked IASTED to return us a part of our registration fees. The IASTED secretariat refused though. I believe that IASTED conferences are bogus without any exemption.

    Prof. Hamid Arabnia the Organizer of WORLDCOMP Conferences has been the target of a great attack from Petr Dini, the Organizer of IARIA Conferences. So, Hamid Arabnia the Organizer of WORLDCOMP Conferences and Petr Dini, the Organizer of IARIA Conferences fights each other via emails, blogs, web pages, counterfeit letters of acceptance of bogus papers. Hamid Arabnia attempts to destroy the IARIA Conferences of Petr Dini, and vice-versa Petr Dini attempts to destroy the WORLDCOMP conferences of Hamid Arabnia.
    Below is an email from Hamid Arabnia spread over the internet. He claims and proves that Petr Dini, organizer of IARIA Conferences operates several blogs and other web pages, feeding simultaneously various mailing lists with slanderous comments, malignities and false allegations against Hamid Arabnia and Hamid Arabnia's conferences. The inverse has been proved in the past on various web pages: Hamid Arabnia controlls several blogs, web fora, mailing lists with direct or indirect attacks against Petr Dini.

    More Details:

  8. I agree with the post: Fake Bogus Conferences by IEEE, ACM and IFAC.


    An open message to Petre Dini:

    I read many blog posts, comments and discussions on IARIA conferences quality. As a reviewer in one of their conferences and as a participant who published in the past in their conferences, I will give you my testimony and opinion.

    To summarize, they are totally rubbish and they are only after your money. After they started to struggle to get the IEEE technical sponsorship and after they become so greedy that they don't wan to pay for the publishers they have created their own paper archiving quality. If you try them, you will always notice that you will receive the same set of comments year after year... They have genuine and honest reviewers, however, the whole organisation is corrupt. I strongly believe that the acceptance rate at these conferences is 100%! They are one of the most expensive conferences to register a paper at. They always choose touristic places to hold their conferences at.

    Peter Dini, you money lover, how can you explain to me that a 1st year PhD student is on one of your conferences program committee? How do you explain all of these rubbish publications produced by your conferences? How do you justify the large number of conferences? Since you claim that you are a non-profit organization publish transparent reports on the income you generate from these conferences. Do you spend all of that money on your wife who always sits at the registration desk in all of your conferences?

    Shame on Peter Dini. Stop playing with young researchers lives and futures. Stop trading with science and knowledge.

    An advice to all researchers, do not publish with Petre Dini and Do not be deceived by the easy accept. If you get a reject keep trying in reputable conferences, with time you will get a publication in the right place. A good publication is better than a million bad/IARIA ones.


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