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In some cases, IEEE stops the conferences at the end of the 1st day. The IEEE conference organizers do not want to spend money for the Hotel Services

We have just received this comment in many places of our forum from some Professor Chang.
We think that this serious report does not abstain very much from the truth.

"I have been in an IEEE Conference in Shanghai (China). The conference fees were 400 USD. I received a USB memory stick as conference proceedings and a small book of Abstracts. The Proceedings were mediocre. I had two papers accepted without review. This was not a surprize because I know that all the IEEE (junk) conferences, especially in Asia, are without essential review. The very big bad surprize, however, was that the IEEE organizers closed the conference at the end of the first day!!!!

They told me that the 2nd and 3rd day are dedicated to excursions (??!!)
I had the "bad luck" to arrive in the Hotel early in the morning of the 2nd day. I met the organizers and they told me that "in an attempt to minimize the cost (conference rooms rentals, coffee-break, lunches, banquet etc...)", they have hired the Hotel services only for one day. With much sarcasm, they asked me: "Hey! You received IEEE conference proceedings and two publications with IEEE name for your CV, plus publication in IEEExplore data base. Aren't they enough for you for the 400+200 USD that you paid (200 USD was for my second paper).
So, this IEEE conference had in the title of the Proceedings three days, but it was only one day, becuse they did not want to pay the conference rooms, coffee-breaks, possible lunches, hours for the secretariat ladies, dinner(s) for the second and third day.

I did not find any SCIgen paper in this memory stick, but I am sure that this was eventual. In many IEEE fake, junk, conferences (yes, I consider the conference that I participated as fake and bogus, because they closed the Hotel in the 2nd and 3rd day), the memory sticks or the CDs do contain SCIgen fake papers, really.

Yes, the numerous IEEE conference proceedings contain SCIgen fake papers. They produce junk proceedings.
I was so mad with this situation of this junk conference in Shangai. I threated them and I promised to send an email to IEEE. I did send email to IEEE. The worse thing is that the IEEE gave them again the authorization to run 6 (SIX) IEEE conferences in 2012 in China. Of course, they will be fake, bogus, scam conferences.
So, IEEE is aware of this situation but IEEE closes its eyes. You understand the reason.
Money, money, money (part of the conference fees) are so strong that can unlock every door and the door of IEEE is always open like a BROTHEL' door".

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  1. Google: Hamid Arabnia or Google: WORLDCOMP
    You will understand that Hamid Arabnia organizes the world's biggest scam conference with 2-3 thousand participants and 20-30 sub-conferences each year.

    What the various blogs (like yours) have not reported is that all those first conferences of Arabnia had the seal, the sponsorship and the approval of IEEE.
    Yes, of IEEE. Like Nagib Callaos (famous for his bogus conferences that accepted the first SCIgen automatically generated papers). Wikipedia: "SCIgen"

    Exactly similarly, Arabnia's conferences grew up because, IEEE supported him in his first stages (exactly as Nagib Callaos)

    Arabnia have had also excellent relations with IEEE, even until now.

    Arabnia has received numerous medals from IEEE
    Check them in the following web official pages's%20IEEE%20Award%20with%20President%20Lawrence%20%20Hall%20and%20Dr.%20Dunker.JPG

    Additionally this academic criminal (i.e. Hamid Arabnia) has also rated himself as the best Professor in his University
    Check it yourself:
    I am sure that he did write the comments himself.

    Back to his relation with IEEE again. Ok, you say now that WORLDCOMP is fake because Arabnia organized it. What about the numerous IEEE Conferences organized by Hamid Arabnia in the period 1990-2000. They are fake of course.

    One more evidence for the fake and bogus IEEE events!


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