Friday, 17 February 2012

SCIgen (fake) Papers appeared in the IEEE Memory Stick

In spite of the several SCIgen Papers appeared in a Memory Stick distributed in this conference,

IEEE continues having this laughable conference in its portal
Check it


  1. WORLDCOMP Conference is the most fake multiconference in Computer Science21 March 2012 at 06:09

    WORLDCOMP Conference is the most fake multiconference in Computer Science

    Does any academic or corporate body actually sponsor Worldcomp?
    A few days ago the the Worldcomp 12 site had a few corporate logos prominently on display as co-sponsors but I note today that these have all disappeared. The tutorials being advertised has also been reduced from about 5 or 6 last week to just one. The allegedly fake Worldcomp 12 conference also seems to have removed all traces of any members of its organising or steering committee from its webpage. It also seems to have removed all direct reference to Hamid Arabnia or the University of Georgia. But I have not yet seen anything from the University of Georgia resembling a disclaimer about their perceived links to Arabnia and Worldcomp 12.

    I assume that whenever a participant has parted with his registration fee then his employer or affiliated institution is considered either a corporate or an academic co-sponsor.

    In any event, the home page now only carries the following cryptic message regarding co-sponsors:

    The compiled list of 2012 co-sponsors will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

    The co-sponsors cited by Worldcomp 11 are here: Worldcomp11 co-sponsors

    The academic co-sponsors named include MIT, USC, Berkeley and the Russian Academy of Sciences among others. The corporate list includes Intel, Microsoft Research, Altera Corp and even the UK Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform!!

    They are long lists list and I wonder how many of them are even aware of the allegations that Worldcomp is a fake conference and whether any of them will be co-sponsors this year. In fact I wonder how many are actually aware that their names and their “brand value” are being used to advertise and legitimise this conference.

    The organising /steering committee for Worldcomp 2011 is here: Worldcomp11 steering committee


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