Monday, 28 March 2011

We received a Comment today

We have just received a Comment from some Bessar! He agrees that many IEEE conferences are fake. So, how can we discriminate a honest conferences from fake ones, especially if the majority of IEEE conferences are (in the opinion of Bessar) fake?
See the following comment and try to discover via Google FAKE IEEE Conferences..................

The IEEE has hundreds of Fake Conferences. I think that it is better to publish to societies like IASTED, IMACS than the IEEE. The IEEE conferences are not serious especially if the organizers are guys like Petre Dini or Nagib Callaos. So, if these idiots Petre Dini, Nagib Callaos send you again CALL FOR PAPERS, even if they include the logotype and the word IEEE, send an email to every body that this is a call for a bogus (fake) conference. This is the problem with IEEE. Some IEEE conferences are honest, but the majority are fake. Sorry, but this is my opinion

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