Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yes, the IEEE people left the Hotel and did not pay the bill of the Conference

We contacted the Hotel Manager in Radisson Blu (SAS) Berlin and confirm this report of April 26.

Now, everything is clear enough. The IEEE Conference took place in this Hotel but the organisers did not pay their expenses to Radisson Blu. What a pity. A great society like IEEE to humiliated!

See our post of April 26:

Really, we did not know this dimension of IEEE Fraud!

Today, an anonymous commentor posted several times this comment in our blog:

"I believe that the IEEE is a criminal organization. They do not know to authorize honest professors to run their conferences. I am the Hotel Manager in Radisson Blu (SAS) Berlin. IEEE guys had a conference in Radisson Blu (SAS) Berlin hotel and left without paying the bill."

Really, we did not know this dimension of IEEE Fraud!

What a shame for the IEEE officers of this conference! How can these people resepct the review process of the academic community? They work only for money. Money, money, money, but Nemesis punishes IEEE. Google: IEEE fake papers or IEEE fake conferences or IEEE Spam or IEEE Scam or IEEE Fraud

By the way, we will make a phone call to this hotel and we will learn more details.....

Another interesting post reveals IEEE fraud

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