Monday, 26 July 2010

IEEE sold its name again in Fake Conferences

It seems that the IEEE Publication and Indexing Services is a huge Scandal.
Our Blog started in 2008 when our blog discovered the huge IEEE Fraud with
IARIA Conferences and HIGHSCI Conferences.

Both of them have been checked so far for many fake papers and many fake conferences.
Some other blogs also like went further and "certified" several fake conferences.
It seems that IEEE (after 3 years of voices from our blog and similar other web sites that
are specialized on Fake Conferences -- Google: IEEE Fake Conferences, or IEEE Bogus Conferences or IEEE Junk Conferences) has just stopped the "party" of the "paid vacations"
of IARIA Bogus Conferences.
Many Scientists have been relieved. However, we were not right.
IEEE stopped its Sponsorship to IARIA Bogus Conferences, because they did not agreed in the commission. So, IARIA conferences have not the IEEE Logo, IEEE Computer Society Press any longer.

Petre Dini (a scholar with Italian father and Romanian mother that lives and works in Canada) is really clever: He knows now that IEEE Brand Name is not so strong as it was 10 or 20 years ago after the revelation of so many IEEE fake conferences. So, he has refused to pay high commission (20-30%) from the registration fees that IARIA derives to IEEE headquarters.

So, the IEEE did not stop the sponsorship to IARIA, because IEEE believes now that IARIA is a source of fake conferences, but because they did not make a commercial agreement this year.
In fact, IEEE is not interested if your conferences are real or fake. IEEE is not interested if your conferences are bogus or not; IEEE is not interested if your conferences are junk or not.
The only think that IEEE cares is a good commercial deal, i.e. how to take the maximum commission of the conference fees.

This is proved because IEEE continue sponsoring the HIGHSCHI Conferences inspite of their fake papers (SCIGEN Papers) that were months or years some times in IEEE Explore
Not only that, but also some new fake Societies and fake institutes (i.e. simple web pages without any scientific committee) have just started advertizing new conferences with the name, logo
publication services of IEEE
Typical Examples of suspect conferences that run fake conferences in 2010, 2011 with the brand name of IEEE are
1. HIGHSCI (fake conferences that have been accepted junk papers some of them have been produced by SCIGEN, see

2. IRAST (after the revelations of our site and after the emails that we sent to many IEEE officers -- IEEE stopped giving to these academic jerks the IEEE Name , IEEE
Logi etc.. but it in their emails, these people say that they will publish their proceedings with IEEE.

3. AICIT . We read in the Blogs , that the IEEE will publish the proceedings of AICIT with the IEEE Computer Scoeity press and IEEE Xplore.

See this site of
A "good chain" of bogus conferences. There is not any Board of Directors etc... however, these jerks publish using the name, logo, and publication services of IEEE Computer Society Press and data bases of IEEEXplore

5. Many other isolated dubious conferences have announced that they have the support of IEEE
and/or they will publish their proceedings with IEEE CSPress and IEEEXplore.
There is a real email that is published on each web page of
where the IEEE has confessed the vulnerabilities in the IEEE "reviewing System" (if there is any!)
IF YOU FIND OTHER CONFERENCES THAT ARE DUBIOUS / JUNK / CRAPPY / BOGUS / FAKE etc... with or without the IEEE brand Name, report it to us by commenting this post.
See comments....


  1. One more clever marketing trick from IEEE. Today, I got this IEEE Spam.
    Seems to me very funny, very tricky and very ridiculous

    Dear Colleague,

    The IEEE CIS GOLD linkedin group is started by the IEEE CIS GOLD
    sub-committee. It promotes active involvement and participation in society
    activities as a means of advancing your research profile and career
    prospects and to enable the society to progress into the future to support
    our younger members. You are very welcome to start discussions or post job
    opportunities at:


    Best Regards,
    Dongrui Wu

    Information Technologist
    Industrial Artificial Intelligence Lab
    GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY 12309

  2. I received a letter from IEEE
    IEEE EnergyCon 2010 <>
    I sent them a paper that was copy-paste the introduction of a book in Wind Generators
    What I received after 2 days was: "Your paper is accepted!"
    Can we concluse that the
    IEEE EnergyCon 2010 belongs to fake conferences


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