Friday, 23 July 2010

IARIA: A success of our blog. The IEEE will not publish the IARIA fake conferences' proceedings again. IARIA will not use anylonger the Logo of IEEE

IARIA Breaking News
After the PROTESTS of our Blog and our emails, the IEEE stopped to its Sponsorship to IARIA fake conferences (the conferences that had accepted the paper:
"A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education "
This fake paper was available for many months in IEEE Xplore Data Base

See this super paper and see the letter of acceptance

The good news is that the IEEE will never sell again its logo to fake conferences like IARIA
This is a success of our blog. We hope IEEE to recover soon, but at the moment this is only the start because many other absolutely Fake Conferences of IEEE will send you their SPAM many times.
It was a good step from IEEE. We have told that the IEEE - IARIA marriage was a disaster for IEEE. For IARIA, it was good for money making, but Science. Can we speak about Science or for paid summer / winter vacation with the famous IARIA "travel agency".

We have found also a good list of IEEE bogus Conferences

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