Monday, 26 July 2010

IEEE sold its name again in Fake Conferences

It seems that the IEEE Publication and Indexing Services is a huge Scandal.
Our Blog started in 2008 when our blog discovered the huge IEEE Fraud with
IARIA Conferences and HIGHSCI Conferences.

Both of them have been checked so far for many fake papers and many fake conferences.
Some other blogs also like went further and "certified" several fake conferences.
It seems that IEEE (after 3 years of voices from our blog and similar other web sites that
are specialized on Fake Conferences -- Google: IEEE Fake Conferences, or IEEE Bogus Conferences or IEEE Junk Conferences) has just stopped the "party" of the "paid vacations"
of IARIA Bogus Conferences.
Many Scientists have been relieved. However, we were not right.
IEEE stopped its Sponsorship to IARIA Bogus Conferences, because they did not agreed in the commission. So, IARIA conferences have not the IEEE Logo, IEEE Computer Society Press any longer.

Petre Dini (a scholar with Italian father and Romanian mother that lives and works in Canada) is really clever: He knows now that IEEE Brand Name is not so strong as it was 10 or 20 years ago after the revelation of so many IEEE fake conferences. So, he has refused to pay high commission (20-30%) from the registration fees that IARIA derives to IEEE headquarters.

So, the IEEE did not stop the sponsorship to IARIA, because IEEE believes now that IARIA is a source of fake conferences, but because they did not make a commercial agreement this year.
In fact, IEEE is not interested if your conferences are real or fake. IEEE is not interested if your conferences are bogus or not; IEEE is not interested if your conferences are junk or not.
The only think that IEEE cares is a good commercial deal, i.e. how to take the maximum commission of the conference fees.

This is proved because IEEE continue sponsoring the HIGHSCHI Conferences inspite of their fake papers (SCIGEN Papers) that were months or years some times in IEEE Explore
Not only that, but also some new fake Societies and fake institutes (i.e. simple web pages without any scientific committee) have just started advertizing new conferences with the name, logo
publication services of IEEE
Typical Examples of suspect conferences that run fake conferences in 2010, 2011 with the brand name of IEEE are
1. HIGHSCI (fake conferences that have been accepted junk papers some of them have been produced by SCIGEN, see

2. IRAST (after the revelations of our site and after the emails that we sent to many IEEE officers -- IEEE stopped giving to these academic jerks the IEEE Name , IEEE
Logi etc.. but it in their emails, these people say that they will publish their proceedings with IEEE.

3. AICIT . We read in the Blogs , that the IEEE will publish the proceedings of AICIT with the IEEE Computer Scoeity press and IEEE Xplore.

See this site of
A "good chain" of bogus conferences. There is not any Board of Directors etc... however, these jerks publish using the name, logo, and publication services of IEEE Computer Society Press and data bases of IEEEXplore

5. Many other isolated dubious conferences have announced that they have the support of IEEE
and/or they will publish their proceedings with IEEE CSPress and IEEEXplore.
There is a real email that is published on each web page of
where the IEEE has confessed the vulnerabilities in the IEEE "reviewing System" (if there is any!)
IF YOU FIND OTHER CONFERENCES THAT ARE DUBIOUS / JUNK / CRAPPY / BOGUS / FAKE etc... with or without the IEEE brand Name, report it to us by commenting this post.
See comments....

Friday, 23 July 2010

IARIA: A success of our blog. The IEEE will not publish the IARIA fake conferences' proceedings again. IARIA will not use anylonger the Logo of IEEE

IARIA Breaking News
After the PROTESTS of our Blog and our emails, the IEEE stopped to its Sponsorship to IARIA fake conferences (the conferences that had accepted the paper:
"A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education "
This fake paper was available for many months in IEEE Xplore Data Base

See this super paper and see the letter of acceptance

The good news is that the IEEE will never sell again its logo to fake conferences like IARIA
This is a success of our blog. We hope IEEE to recover soon, but at the moment this is only the start because many other absolutely Fake Conferences of IEEE will send you their SPAM many times.
It was a good step from IEEE. We have told that the IEEE - IARIA marriage was a disaster for IEEE. For IARIA, it was good for money making, but Science. Can we speak about Science or for paid summer / winter vacation with the famous IARIA "travel agency".

We have found also a good list of IEEE bogus Conferences

Monday, 5 July 2010

After the PROTESTS of our Blog and our emails, the IEEE retracked its Sponsorship to

After the PROTESTS of our Blog and our emails, the IEEE retracked its Sponsorship to
However, IEEE Continues supporting the Bogus Events of
The IEEE Business continues with pseudo-conferences of IARIA

We have found also a good list of IEEE bogus Conferences

IEEE sales its name to unreliable conference organizers multiplying the bogus IEEE events. See this. What is IRAST? Why does IEEE sells its name ?

Some anonymous commenter reported us (see ) the following (we agree of course)

IEEE sales its name to unreliable conference organizers multiplying the bogus IEEE events.
See this. What is IRAST? Why does IEEE sells its name to IRAST


Dear Author,
Please forward to those who may be interested. Thanks.
2010 International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science
CACS 2010
4-6 December 2010, Singapore
CACS 2010 aims to bring together researchers and scientists from academia, industry, and government laboratories to present new results and identify future research directions in computer applications and computational science. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Agent and Autonomous Systems
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
Computer Architecture and VLSI
Computer Control and Robotics
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
Computers in Education
Computer Modeling and Simulations
Computer Networks and Communications
Computer Security and Privacy
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Data Mining and Data Engineering
Distributed and Services Computing
Energy and Power Systems
Intelligent Systems
Internet and Web Systems
Nano Technologies
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Scientific Computing and Applications
Signal, Image and Multimedia Processing
Software Engineering
Test Technologies

CACS 2010 conference proceedings will be published by CPS which will include the conference proceedings in IEEE Xplore and submit the proceedings to Ei Compendex and ISTP for indexing.
Singapore's cultural diversity reflects its colonial history and Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab ethnicities. English is the dominant official language, which is convenient for foreign visitors. Places of interest, such as the Orchard Road district, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Sentosa, attract millions of visitors a year. Singapore is a paradise for shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife, with two new integrated resorts.
Conference Contact: CACS @ (remove spaces around @ in this email address)
Extended Submission Deadline: 15 July 2010
Review Decision Notifications: 15 August 2010
Final Papers and Author Registration Deadline: 9 September 2010

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