Monday, 7 June 2010

Again a new bogus IEEE Conference. What are the Officers of IEEE doing????

How can a "serious" IEEE Conference ask members for the International Program Committee (IPC) by SPAM? You can draw your conclusions. Our conclusion is that this conference as many many other IEEE Conferences are fake conferences that nobody is interested to be in the committee of a conference without any review, but exists only to pocket the money of some innocent or not so innocent scholars that want to pad their CVs
See below the Email of the IEEE Bogus Conference
See the FAKE IEEE Conference and its message below:

"from EEEIC2010
reply-to EEEIC2010
date 6 June 2010 08:43
subject <-- EEEIC.EU --> Call for Programme Committee Membersmailing list

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Dear Participants, Dear Colleagues

If you are interested in joining the International Program Committee (IPC) for IEEE EEEIC conference, please submit your name, email, areas of specialisation, a brief CV by email to or by

The program committee is responsible for objectively and thoroughly reviewing all submissions, for submitting timely, informative reviews that provide authors with feedback about their submissions, and for attending the program committee meetings.

The program committee members should be recognized experts in the subject area of the event.Submissions should be reviewed by the program committee members themselves, rather than by their chosen delegates, so that the submissions can be discussed by knowledgeable reviewers during the program committee meeting.

Program committee members can seek expert advice from external reviewers, if they so desire, but they are still responsible for having reviewed the submission themselves.

Conflicts of Interest and Confidentiality of Submissions:

EEEIC requires members of the program committees to adhere to the highest of ethical standards. Program committee chairs must ensure that these standards are not only met to the letter of the policy but also to the spirit of its intent.

This means that even the appearance of a conflict of interest or breach of confidentiality in the selection process should be avoided. Committee members must declare their conflicts to the program chair before any discussions of the submissions begin.

Best regards,

IEEE EEEIC Secretary
Proceedings are published by IEEE--

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