Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A new confess for the Bogus Papers of IEEE fake conferences

See this web page:
From this web page we read:

Unfortunately, this is true (i.e. Petre Dini is the winner of Bogus Conferences' Scam. He is quite clever. He has always the collaboration of IEEE. IEEE & IARIA is a Mafia Business)
Petre Dini is an IEEE agent, a good organizer of "fake conferences" using the name of IEEE.
I sent him a low quality paper (say: garbage) and he asked me 600 EUR to publish it. I told him that I am from a poor country and I want some help, for example "if i could pay 100 EUR less"

Petre Dini refused me this small favour. He told me "give me 600 EUR otherwise your paper cannot be published in IEEE Computer Society Press"

Then, i told him ok, but I sent to IARIA a fake SCIgen paper and he accepted it immediately asking me 600 + 600 EUR.
The first 600 EUR were for the good paper, the second 600 EUR for the SCIgen paper.
Please, inform your people about this SCAM


  1. I am a taxi driver and I do not know what is IEEE. But I received this SPAM. Are they criminals?

    HAIS 2010: 4th CFP. Special Issues and Special Sessions/Workshops
    * We apologize if you receive this CFP more than once.
    * PLEASE CIRCULATE this CFP among your colleagues and students.

    5th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems
    23rd-25th June of 2010
    San Sebastian, Spain

    Technical Co-Sponsors by:
    IEEE.-Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
    IEEE.-Spain Section
    IEEE.-Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Spanish Chapter
    Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs)

    Extended and improved versions of selected papers will be included in
    special issues of:

    1. Neurocomputing.- ELSEVIER
    2. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision.- SPRINGER
    3. Information Fusion.- ELSEVIER
    4. Information Sciences.- ELSEVIER

    Prof. Ali A. Ghorbani - University of New Brunswick (Canada)
    Prof. Marios Polycarpou - University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
    Prof. Mihai Datcu - Paris Institute of Technology, Telecom Paris (France)
    Prof. Gerhard X Ritter - University of Florida (US)
    More information soon!!

    Special sessions confirmed up to now!!

    SS01 Real World HAIS Applications and Data Uncertainty
    SS02 Computational Intelligence for Recommender Systems
    SS03 Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications
    SS04 Methods of Classifiers Fusion
    SS05 Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning
    SS06 Systems, Man, & Cybernetics by HAIS.- Workshop
    SS07 Hybrid Intelligent Systems on Logistics
    SS08 Hybrid Reasoning and Coordination Methods on Multi-Agent Systems
    SS09 HAIS for Computer Security (HAISfCS)
    SS10 Hybrid and Intelligent Techniques on Multimedia
    SS11 Hybrid ANNs: Models, Algorithms and Data
    SS12 Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems Based on Lattice Theory
    SS13 Computational intelligence-based Computer Vision & Graphics (CIV&G)

    In addition to regular sessions, participants are encouraged to organize
    special sessions on specialized topics.
    Each special session should have at least 4 or 5 quality papers. Special
    session organizers will solicit submissions;
    conduct reviews jointly with the HAIS´10 PC and in the same way
    recommend accept/reject decisions on the submitted papers.

    Submission of Special Sessions are welcome!
    For more information, please, send an email to:

    ***PROCEEDINGS: (Tentative)
    HAIS'10 proceedings will be published by Springer in its series of
    LNCS/LNAI- LNAI (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) as in the
    last previous editions.
    All accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors who must
    register for the conference and pay the fee.

  2. I think the review system is terminally broken:
    "Software-Generated Paper Accepted At IEEE Conference"

    The fake author, Dr. Herbert Schlangemann supposedly of the Umeå University in Sweden, was also chosen to be a session chair! The Umeå University web site is in excellent English and is easy to search - no such person. Why don't the conference organizers do sanity check

  3. So, check by google:
    "Software-Generated Paper Accepted At IEEE Conference"

  4. Now, Taxi Driver starts getting CFP from fake conferences?? Should he sent a paper as well?? Funny!! :D

  5. I recommend to each of you to create a SCIgen bogus paper and to send it to IEEE Conferences.
    There is a 90% probability to pass it

    I worked as follows
    I submitted to the big and ... "famous" IEEE Power Systems Conference

    a junk paper with the title: "Thunderstorms Create Lightning"
    Actually it was the text from
    and they accepted it!

    This was necessary for me to take my Master Degree. My Professors gave me my Master degree, but I will not go to present and I will not pay the fees.

    So, they told that my "paper" will be excluded from the "Proceedings"
    Please, forward this information to your folks

  6. A Scigen Paper accepted by Journal of Telecommunications
    This is REAL!!! The journal we have been tracking down (Journal of Telecommunications, ISSN 2042-8839, ) some weeks back since many authors contacted us and inform us that it appears that no review was taking place! All they receive is a registration form some days after they submitted their paper asking them to pay 100 UK Pounds. The journal starts publishing in February 2010.
    One of our investigator send them a scigen paper entitled “Towards the Development of Interrupts” and receive after 3 weeks an acceptance email from the journal editor informing him that the paper has been accepted for publication in July 2010.
    Below is the email received from the journal:
    Dear Sir,
    We are please to inform you that your paper has been accepted for publication.
    Paper title:
    Towards the Development of Interrupts

    But note that you will have to format your paper according to the paper template found on the journal website under the page Authors guidelines:

    Please find attached the Paper registration form.
    You are requested to print this form, fill in the required information, and send a scan copy of it together with a scan copy of the bank transfer transaction to as proof of payment.
    The last date of registration is on Wednesday, 14th July 2010 by 18:00 GMT
    Please note that you will have to send the copyright agreement form, find a template on the journal website:
    Thanks and Regards,
    Journal of Telecommunications.



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