Sunday, 7 February 2010

Is it fake or almost fake? New Incidend for another fake paper in an IEEE Conference

We received to day a new comment from the "Thunderstorms Create Lightning"
See our page:

We received this comment:

I recommend to each of you to create a SCIgen bogus paper and to send it to IEEE Conferences.
There is a 90% probability to pass it

I worked as follows
I submitted to the big and ... "famous" IEEE Power Systems Conference

a junk paper with the title: "Thunderstorms Create Lightning"
Actually it was the text from
and they accepted it!

This was necessary for me to take my Master Degree. My Professors gave me my Master degree, but I will not go to present and I will not pay the fees.

So, they told that my "paper" will be excluded from the "Proceedings"
Please, forward this information to your folks

What do you think?What is your opinion?
Is it real or not?


  1. Yes, it is real. The IEEE Power Systems Conference is good because you meet important scholars, but also receives many papers. Some of them are of zero value and negative academic credit

  2. One more fake conference
    One more fake conference
    One more fake conference
    Submission of Industry Papers and Short Papers to
    Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM 2010 is now open.

    Dear Colleagues,

    We encourage industrial people to show their applications and projects for data mining at ICDM 2010 in Berlin. This work can be presented as poster during the poster session in the special industry track. Please submit a one page abstract including title, name and affilation.

    Industry Papers may be submitted to

    Please visit for more information.

    Kind regards,

    Prof. Petra Perner
    Chair of ICDM

  3. The phrase "Submission of Industry Papers and Short Papers to
    Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM 2010 is now open" implies that this "conference" is fake.
    This is also my conclusion


  5. Nope, the ICDM conference mentioned above is no spam. I've been attending the conference series for four years now and there's clearly a lot of interesting people there and innovative research. The papers are refereed, the conference has a small audience (I guess less than 50 people) but that's what it makes worthwile. You can actually talk to everyone there, no parallel sessions, and the hosts are really nice. Yes, there are often typos and some errors in the programs and announcements, but the conference is clearly worth its money, if only for the LNAI/LNCS series conference proceedings.


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