Friday, 12 February 2010

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Is it fake or almost fake? New Incidend for another fake paper in an IEEE Conference

We received to day a new comment from the "Thunderstorms Create Lightning"
See our page:

We received this comment:

I recommend to each of you to create a SCIgen bogus paper and to send it to IEEE Conferences.
There is a 90% probability to pass it

I worked as follows
I submitted to the big and ... "famous" IEEE Power Systems Conference

a junk paper with the title: "Thunderstorms Create Lightning"
Actually it was the text from
and they accepted it!

This was necessary for me to take my Master Degree. My Professors gave me my Master degree, but I will not go to present and I will not pay the fees.

So, they told that my "paper" will be excluded from the "Proceedings"
Please, forward this information to your folks

What do you think?What is your opinion?
Is it real or not?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A new confess for the Bogus Papers of IEEE fake conferences

See this web page:
From this web page we read:

Unfortunately, this is true (i.e. Petre Dini is the winner of Bogus Conferences' Scam. He is quite clever. He has always the collaboration of IEEE. IEEE & IARIA is a Mafia Business)
Petre Dini is an IEEE agent, a good organizer of "fake conferences" using the name of IEEE.
I sent him a low quality paper (say: garbage) and he asked me 600 EUR to publish it. I told him that I am from a poor country and I want some help, for example "if i could pay 100 EUR less"

Petre Dini refused me this small favour. He told me "give me 600 EUR otherwise your paper cannot be published in IEEE Computer Society Press"

Then, i told him ok, but I sent to IARIA a fake SCIgen paper and he accepted it immediately asking me 600 + 600 EUR.
The first 600 EUR were for the good paper, the second 600 EUR for the SCIgen paper.
Please, inform your people about this SCAM

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