Thursday, 21 January 2010

What a Shame for the IEEE Computational Complexity Conference!

The IEEE Conferences are organized by different entities. Some of them were good and some of them are very bad. For example, the International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS), organized many IEEE sponsored conferences (with the logotype of IEEE)

Nagib Callaos says that IIIS is "a nonprofit organization based in Venezuela, which examines and contemplates the globalization process." interestingly, the Florida Division of Corporations lists callaos' institute (named a little differently) as a for-profit organization. what a surprise!
the saddest thing about this is that publishing at spamferences will actually hurt your career, yet many researchers don't really know what they are getting into. simply google cvs listing this conference and you'll see how successful the business seems to be (2260 hits)...

This is the problem with the IEEE.
IEEE gives its name and its logo to many bogus conferences like:

Please take careful note of the information belowabout this IEEE Computational Complexity conferenceIt is another FAKE IEEE conference this time on Computational Complexity.The organizers are academic criminals.Do NOT send these criminals any money. Please send this warning on to your networks.Many young people have been defrauded lately - and we must work together to defeat such efforts.Use extreme caution when applying for conferences advertised by organizations unknown to you.
What a Shame for the IEEE Computational Complexity Conference! two new bogus papers have been accepted in the
Extractors for varieties ??????????
by Zeev Dvir !!!and
Extractors for Low-Weight Affine Sources ??????? by
Anup RaoThe papers are absolutely fake papers.
What a Shame for the IEEE Computational Complexity Conference!

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  1. I have just received this Spam from IEEE

    Dear Colleagues,

    Le us remind you the most important informations.
    The deadline for paper submission is approaching. Please submit your paper as soon as possible to avoid congestion and server problems in the last days.

    Please check carefully if your paper submitted to the EEEIC Conference ( does comply with the requirements (correct formatting formatting, number of pages not greater than 4, PDF IEEE Xplore compatible format).

    Please check carefully all requirements enumerated here: and :

    All submissions must be electronic in PDF format and must follow the two-column format of IEEE Conference Proceedings. Authors are strongly recommended to use the style files available at the website. The maximum length of a manuscript is four (4) pages.
    PLEASE use the PDF converter for IEEE Conferences - PDF eXpress. To use it, please register for an IEEE PDF eXpress account with the Conference ID: eeeic10x.

    All papers not compatible with IEEE Xplore will be rejected. This is required by IEEE Xplore.

    For each accepted paper, at least one author must register Completed registration is required for all accepted papers and/or presentations that are to be included in conference proceedings. Without registration and payment of the registration fee, the paper will NOT be published in the proceedings!

    Best regards,

    Zbigniew Leonowicz, PhD


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