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Prof. Petre Dini (owner of IARIA) continues discrediting and libeling other conferences


Prof. Petre Dini (owner of IARIA) continues discrediting and libeling other conferences

Prof. Petre Dini (owner of IARIA IEEE Conferences) continues discreding and libeling other conferences.
This is what he has posted in our Blog:
Please, Professor Petre Dini stop the Relentless attack to the other societies!

This was the Post of Prof. Petre Dini (owner of IARIA IEEE Conferences) in our Blog!

As per information we obtained from UK ISP, this website domain of Journal is registered under some name "Nevin Vunka Jungum".

Some people and lawyers at IEEE headquarters are working on these accusatory posts.

Some new journals have appeared recently and they are scam actually.
Most academic publications should be free while maintaining quality.
It is worrying to see journals like Journal of Computer Science,,
which send scam paper submission invitation by all means on research communities.


  1. IJCSI has never published any fake/bogus papers like IARIA conferences. So how can u say fake Petre Dini?
    As far as I know, it is a fully-peer reviewed journal.

  2. Petre Dini has no rights to speak!

  3. I agree with Jill.
    However, we must recognize Professor Petre Dini and his company IARIA as a pioneer of the fake IEEE conferences.
    The blogs have many times reported these bogus conferences of IEEE - IARIA, but the IEEE insists publishing the Proceedings of IARIA.
    The Internet is full of these accusations, but the IEEE continues grant its sponsorship and publishing services to IARIA.
    Of course, they share the profit from the registration fees.

  4. The IJCSI is a very serious journal with full peer review. Petre Dini must be ashamed for his behaviour.

    On the other hand, bogus SCIgen papers have been accepted in these organizations:

    1. IEEE

    2. IARIA

    3. HIGHSCI


    5. IEEE Computational Intelligence

    6. IEEE Sensors

    Try to find details via Google!!!!

    Many fake papers in IEEE really during the last 5 years!
    No doubt about the unreliability of IEEE then.
    The major problem of IEEE is called IARIA in my opinion, however, many other Conferences of IEEE (not only those that are co-organized by IARIA) are absolutely garbage. For example, IEEE conference in Istanbul, Turkey that distributed "gold diplomas" to everybody, IEEE fake conference of IEEE Computational Intelligence Division, IEEE junk conference on Sensors in New Zeland (October 2009) and many many others.....

  5. Dr James, Purdue Univ28 January 2010 at 04:29

    Even the baby in her mother's womb knows that IARIA is perfect venue to get a long CV full of publications. Stop discrediting other venues!

  6. Just for the information of other reader of this post, IJCSI is a respectable journal that enforces blind peer-review and no bogus papers have been published by this journal. On the contrary, it is currently being evaluated by THOMSON REUTERS (ISI).

    Though in its FAQ page ( the journal acknowledges that its standard is "modestly below ACM and IEEE" journals, I did found some very good papers that I will definitely cite!

  7. I do not agree with you, guys

    My IEEE/IARIA Conferences are excellent, but I am sure that these are fake journals:

    (1) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security (IJCSIS) (

    (2) International Journal of Computer and Network Security (IJCNS) (

    Yes, these are bogus journals!

  8. I agree with Petre. The best task is to fuck his hol


    DigitalWorld 2010
    February 10-15, 2010 - St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

    * ICDS 2010, The Fourth International Conference on Digital Society
    * ACHI 2010, The Third International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions
    * ICQNM 2010, The Fourth International Conference on Quantum, Nano and Micro Technologies
    * GEOProcessing 2010, The Second International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services
    * eTELEMED 2010, The Second International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine
    o MLMB 2010: The First International Workshop on Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in Medicine and Biology
    o BUSMMed 2010: The International Workshop on Business Modeling for the Next Generation of Telemedicine Systems and Services
    * eL&mL 2010, The Second International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning
    * eKNOW 2010, The Second International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management
    o WEBONT 2010: The First International Workshop on Ontologies on the Web
    * CYBERLAWS 2010, The First International Conference on Technical and Legal Aspects of the e-Society

  10. Call for papers, Best Journals

    International Journal of Computing

    International Journal of Computer Science

    International Journal of Computer Science Issues

    International Journal of Electronics, Information and Systems

    Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology

  11. I believe also that the IARIA Conferences are fake conferences. They certainly are. All the IARIA conferences are a terrific business of its owner Petre Dini. Make a google Search with:
    Petre Dini Fake
    Fake IARIA
    IARIA Fake Conference
    IARIA Bogus Conference

    but do not focuse to the bogus IARIA conferences but to IEEE Bogus Conferences

  12. This Petre Dini used the name and the logo of IEEE for many years. Finally, the IEEE stopped granting its name and its logo to the scam of IARIA. However, maybe, because of many fake conferences of IEEE, Mr. Petre Dini, does not want to pay more money to IEEE for a logo without any additive value. At any case, IARIA is not in collaboration with IEEE now.
    So, the fake conferences of IARIA do not have the IEEE logotype anylonger. So, you must avoid them. Search also via google: Petre Dini,
    Fake IEEE Conferences
    Bye now!!!!

  13. Your post have good information photo are also inspire to me on this website.......thanks for sharing great information...

  14. Petre Dini should close the IARIA fraud now!!!
    Petre Dini should close the IARIA fraud now!!!
    Petre Dini should close the IARIA fraud now!!!

  15. What the F**K Petre Dini is in reality?

  16. Petre Dini is not a university professor in the normal sense. This donkey is Adjunct university professor. It has a part-time relation with some low credits university. Be careful, IARIA, WORLDCOMP, IASTED conferences are junk events hosting many bogus papers..

  17. Petre Dini and all IARIA Conference organisers are thief, they just want to collect money from junior researchers. Why All publications accepted in IARIA conferences not submitted in indexing organisation from 2010 until now.


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