Monday, 28 December 2009

Prof. PETRE DINI, the Creator and Owner of IARIA spams blogs discrediting, defaming and accusing other conferences and journals!!!

Prof. PETRE DINI, the Creator and Owner of IARIA spams blogs discrediting, defaming and accusing other conferences and journals!!! See the 6th and the 7th comment in our blog


Petre Dini said...
While browsing the net, I found two more fake journals in Computer Science:

(1) Computer Science Journals

(2) International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI) (

Petre Dini

Forward and publish it in your blogs with a reference to us


  1. People like Petr Dini are not entitled to speak
    because Petr Dini, Nagib Callaos and several other nasty guys destroyed the name of IEEE.

    For example

    "Check out the paper Towards the Simulation of E-commerce by Herbert Schlangemann, which is available in the IEEEXplor database (full article available only to IEEE members). This generated paper has been accepted with review by the 2008 International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE). According to the organizers, 'CSSE is one of the important conferences sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, which serves as a forum for scientists and engineers in the latest development of artificial intelligence, grid computing, computer graphics, database technology, and software engineering.' Even better, fake author Herbert Schlangemann has been selected as session chair (PDF) for that conference. (The name Schlangemann was chosen based on the short film Der Schlangemann by Andreas Hansson and Björn Renberg.)"

  2. Please, make a complete PDF with all the fake IEEE, IARIA, HIGHSCI, etc... papers and distribute over the web

    For example I found at:
    a good list of fake papers and consequently fake conferences

    Now, we want to have complete PDF with all the new bogus, junk, fake IEEE, IARIA, HIGHSCI, etc... papers and conferences

    Can you post it? For example
    we 've heard about the bogus IEEE conference on Sensor Networks with 3-4 fake papers.
    Also, the IEEE Conference in Computational Complexity published 2 SCIgen generated junk articles. Post please, more details!

  3. There is a tendency for researchers to publish in open-access journals (like, than IARIA conferences. Most have understood that open-access publications is the future and is inevitable.

  4. YES, I agree, the open-access journals is quite good and has never accepted some garbage paper. By contrary, many IEEE conferences are absolutely garbage, because the IEEE grant its name for a handful of dollars to unconscious organizers.
    The internet is full of denunciations against the stupid conferences that gather many dupes just because their chairmen reserved the name and the logo of IEEE.
    So, conferences of IEEE are a total garbage just search over google

  5. Though it is taking some time, open-access publication will definitely take the lead! I have no doubt about it, may be I won't be here, but open-access journals will have a bigger part in the scientific publication community (PubMed, IJCSI, etc.. are good ones for this example).

  6. I agree with Prof Adam. My university is actually encouraging us to publish in open access journals, grants are provided. I had a look at the papers published by IJCSI, it seems to be a good one to publish.

  7. Petre Dini is an academic criminal.
    IARIA is a commercial company.
    The close relation IEEE with IARIA discourages us
    from attendance to all the other IEEE Conferences.
    It is a pity.
    Can anybody open the eyes of IEEE?


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