Friday, 2 January 2009

Professor Michel Gevers is now IEEE Fellow and Professor Amir Pnueli comments!

What is worse in the FAKE CONFERENCES OF IEEE?

What is worse is that it isn't the people who go there who pay, put
usually their funders (state grants etc.) that pay. So not only do
these people bolster their CV, they get a paid holiday. Hence, the
exotic locations like Las Vegas, Hawaii, etc. In a way, the people
who attend these IEEE conferences are as fraudulent as their organisers.
There are all too many of these "money making" IEEE conferences
around, and they have on occasion been known to give the entire
science a bad name. I recall that the story where some CS students
had a machine-generated a paper accepted at one of these IEEE conferences
sparked media comments to the effect that CS is bogus science.

Professor Amir Pnueli
Distinguished Computer Scientist and
1996 Turing Award Recipient

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