Friday, 2 January 2009

The IEEE organized a Garbage Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008

We received this by email:

The IEEE organized a Garbage Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008

As Mrs. V.... told us this IEEE conference was really very funny or dubious.
Because they distributed prizes, certificates, etc... to all.
It was like a Super Market Conference. Very funny really.
Mrs. V.... has received an email from the IEEE telling that she would receive
a GOLD certificate. But this girl was only a graduate student in Psychology and she did not know anything about IEEE.

Then, we visited their web site
and we discovered in their announcement (pdf format) that
10% of the participants will take gold diploma,
20% will take silver diploma and 30% will receive bronze diploma

They do not say ANYTHING about their review process, but
say that the paper of this lady (in psychology?? Mmm!) would receive gold certificate.

Open also:

They claim that each paper (even the papers in Psychology) would appear in their Data Base of Electrical Engineering: IEEE Xplore

It looks too bad to us, how one IEEE conference, a 10% earns gold diploma, a 20% earns silver
diploma and another 30% earns bronze diploma.

Some other students received also an email from them. In their emails, they promised gold diploma to Ph.D. candidates (student)
So, this IEEE Bogus congress collects crappy papers from many people
that would like to have an easy way to publish their papers

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  1. Many University Web Pages consider that many IEEE Conferences are garbage. Some of them consider that even in the IEEE Journals the review is quite ridiculous and has only to do with your public relations in IEEE and its conferences or if you have put as co-author
    some important editor of IEEE

    See these link and examine the word: unrefereed

    Forward this message to your mailing lists with reference to us
    See also


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