Tuesday, 30 December 2008

We have the Letter of acceptance: A fantastic paper accepted in an IEEE Conference: A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education

We have the Letter of acceptance: A fantastic sexual - pornographic document accepted as "paper" in an IEEE Conference: A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education
See the letter of acceptance and this "magic" paper below:Do you still doubt?

From: <iariapapers@confaccess.com> SEE THIS "PAPER" here

Date: Thur, Febr 28, 2008 at 10:41 AM

Subject: ICIW 2008: Your paper 43 has been accepted

To: *************

Cc: iariapapers@confaccess.com

Dear *************

On behalf of the Program Committee, we are happy to inform you that your
43 ("A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education")
has been accepted for publication and presentation at ICIW 2008.

The acceptance of your paper is made with the understanding that each accepted

paper will be registered and at least one author will attend the conference to
present the paper (preferably with PowerPoint slides).

10-14 slide deck is perfect. Conference rooms will have computers and video projectors.

Registration: Registration starts upon receiving this notification letter.

Each accepted paper must be separately registered. The registration form is
available on the conference web site: see "Registration form".

Note that a paper will be published on the IEEE Xplore and Conference

Proceedings only after the paper is registered, i.e., the registration form is

sent in the due time and successfully processed. Please fax the registration

form before uploading the paper and the copyright transfer form.

The organizers pre-booked a limited number of hotel rooms for attendees

at a convenient room rate. Please book the hotel using the registration from,

before the pre-booked rooms are released.

All the registration related issues must be addressed to


The deadline for the submission of registration forms to the organizers is

March 18, 2008. This helps to draft the preliminary program and book the
services. Otherwise, the paper is considered withdrawn and it will neither
appear in the proceedings of the conference nor published on the

IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Camera ready submission and copyright transfer form: For the camera ready

submission, please consider the reviewers' comments or guidelines when editing
your final version.

The Proceedings are published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. Please read
carefully the "Manuscript Preparation" on the conference web site
when submitting the final version and the copyright

transfer form. You can still update the originally and timely submitted camera

ready on the IEEE site later on, as shown in "Manuscript Preparation"
until March 18, 2008


For any technical submission problem please use the e-mail address of the

bottom of the "Manuscript preparation" web page. Please follow the
steps properly. The author is supposed to receive a PDF receipt when the file
has been successfully attached. If the author does not receive the receipt then
something has gone amiss.

Thanking once again for your active participation, we are looking forward for
your cooperation to

successfully finalize the event.

Again, register first, then, please accurately consider the review comments when
finalizing your camera ready version. The chairs and the logistics team will
check for the conformance with the reviewers' comments.

Please fill the registration form as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours, Events' Chairs

Here are your comments from the reviewers. Please take them into consideration

as you finalize your paper.

--------- Comment 1:

This is a very good paper of A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our

Sexual Education. Both of the reviewers would agree that your paper

A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education

can be published in ICIW 2008 without any additional modification.

The IEEE Computer Society Press will publish also your paper.


  1. Yes, IARIA IEEE conferences are the absolutely garbage!

  2. Bravo! Nice work, guys!!!

    This is one from the 20-30 junk IEEE Conferences that your blog and other similar blogs report every year.

    20-30 junk IEEE conferences per year!

    Can you imagine that?

  3. I also think that the paper is very interesting and should be accepted for publication. However, before publishing, the pictures should be enlarged.

  4. See this article.

    The authors scanned the IEEE Explore data base and revealed 85 scigen fake papers


  5. Hou hou hou.... You did not notice well. In the paper


    with their method at least 85 computer generated papers (SCIgen) have been accepted, published and indexed in IEEE Explore data base. That sounds very bad to me. Perhaps, not only 85 but 300, 400 who knows fake SCIgen papers are in IEEE Explore till now.


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